Attractive Thailand

In Thailand there are places that emphasize the uniqueness of the country and make it more attractive. These places include:
farm, engaged in cultivation of orchids
elephant farm
Rose Garden Resort
Phang Nga National Park

Orchid farms are located in many cities in Thailand. Orchids are very popular. All farms have a great diversity of varieties of flowers. These places are always open for tourists. Here you can buy a bouquet of exquisite orchids. Along with the orchids are grown butterflies; it is believed that flowers and butterflies cannot do without each other.

Elephants in Thailand are considered national treasure. The country has about 4000 elephants, half of them received special taming. Thai trained elephants are indispensable participants in the ceremonies and activities of the country. Elephant in Thailand is the symbol of the nation and the monarchy. Especially popular are white elephants, they have become rare in our times.

Rose Garden – is famous throughout the world, and is one of the popular resorts of Thailand. It is located not far from the capital city (32km). Rose Garden covers an area of seventy-five acres. This is a romantic place, the best for the family for relaxing holiday. It has many entertainment complexes, constructions of sports and luxurious hotels. There is a playground for children, where they will be treated by experienced educators.

Phang Nga is a National Park of Thailand, organized in 1981. Phang Nga is situated in the north-east of Phuket Island. It combines 80 islands with beautiful, unique nature. The water area of the park is diverse with marine flora and fauna. The island is an evergreen forest. Here grow Cacti, even on steep cliffs.

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